1. How to include my business, my restaurant, bar or club?
Everyone can make a registration from the button For Owners. We have free and paid registration. Its your decision which one will you choose. If you want to publish your restaurant, bar or club, you have to had an account already.

2. What to do if I have any problems?
If you have any problems, questions and so on you shoud make a contact with our administrator by using our e-mail form or phone contacts from the page Contact us

3. Why I cant see my comment?
If you cant see your comment maybe you were used obscene words or phrases. Every correct comment is visible, after it is published.

4.Why I cant use the username I want?
The reason would be that the username you want is busy already or its different from the requirements of the site.

5. Im looking for something but I cant find it. What shoud I do?
If you are looking for something special in our website and you are sure that its exist, please use the search box to find it. Write a keyword or a phrase to find it immediately. You may use and the google serach box, too.

6. I have something to say, may I write it somewhere?
Of course we are opened company and always looking for news, interesting things and users suggestions. You are able to write us everything you want and think its importantly.

7. How we define TOP 50?
We define TOP 50 of the best places, published here like a sum of some measures: visits, stars, rating and something more....

8. How can I advertise here?
At we give you many ways to promote your business. It depends on your activity how many pages and positions you take. Of course we have a paid advertise like VIP links and banners. Please cklick on How to advertise button to read more about websites advertisement.

9. May I become your partner?
Everyone can be a partner in many ways. Please contact us to make common projects or trade relations.


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