About Us

Here are some facts to help you understand our business.

#1 in Google

We've been working since 2006 for better Google indexation, and we've managed to position up to 4 urls on the first page in Google, when searched for restaurants in Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna.

15+ websites about restaurants & bars network

We've purchased and developed over 15 websites that are even more focused then the main one - zavedenia.bg. The goal was to attract traffic for specific holidays or other famous periods of the year, when people search for restaurants and bars.

First ever iPhone and Android App for restaurants in Bulgaria

We've launched our iPhone app in 2011 and since then, we've had tens of thousands of downloads.

10,000 visitors a day

We've increased our monthly visitors by 10 to 15% every year for the past 4 years. During our peak days (Saint Valentine and 8th of March, we've had up to 20,000 unique visitors for just one day. Monthly we get up to over 1 million pageviews, and about 1,8 million in winter months.

3,000 restaurants,bars and clubs

We've the best up-to-date database in Bulgaria. The market is really challenging, as venues open and close so often, that you can not claim 100% accuracy. We've managed to convert up to 30% of all venues to use our platform regularly, by updating menus, offers, getting reservations and so on.

Over 10% have purchased our additional services

We've developed easy to maintain restaurant, bar websites and mobile iphone and android applications, which have helped our business evolve for the past 3 years. We've offered a platform that helps our customers to update their information once, and get it spread to multiple channels automatically.

And here it is some history

2001 - first beta launch

In 2001 one of the founders (Atanas Tonchev) launched a pure html website. The first domain name was purchased: www.zavedenia.net. The website didn't evolve until 2006, when it was re-launched again together with Nikolay Koev.

2006 - official launch

The website was completely redesigned and done again from scratch. It had over 500 venues in Sofia and 200 in Plovdiv.

2008 - Le'web recognition

We've been selected to compete in a startup competition in Paris, France.

2009 - customer websites technology

We started using our platform as the main source to update other client presentations. We started offering business websites, which were automatically updated from Zavedenia.bg.

2010 - new version of the website

We've rewrited the code again to launch a new version of the website.

2011 - iPhone and Android

We've rewritten the code again to launch a new version of the website.

2012 - customer iphone and android apps

We started building iphone/android apps for our customers, again using our platform to spread content.

2013 - customer iphone and android apps

We've reached 50 mobile apps of our customers - restaurants and clubs, submitted to iTunes and Google Play.

2014 - express mini sites

In order to provide services at low cost for smaller restaurants and bars, we've laucnhed new website creation technology, that allows a restaurant to have a website within minutes.

Zavedenia.bg is the largest internet portal for restaurants, clubs and bars in the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia. The city’s population is near 1,5 million people and more then 10,000 looking for restaurants, clubs and bars every day in our website. Our catalog introduces them a lot of helpful information about places they have to go, places for parties or resting dinners, places for children or cheap but nice places.
We want to show you full and correct information about every subject in our pages. The database is full of different bars, pubs, clubs, restaurants and discos – over 2,000 places are included here and more then 600 are active now.


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