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Всички заедно на оперативка, преди рожденният ден на комплекса. Най-добрият ни персонал от години насам. Поздравявам Ви!
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Бар Соларни Тераси
Най-добрият екип работещ в комплекса, дал обещанието че няма да върне нито един клиент, и няма да има нито един разочарован такъв. Заведението с най-много похвали на вкусовите качества на капучиното и коктейлите. Всичко това под вещото ръководство на двама от хората които са дали сърцата си за комплекса - Николай Градев и Николай Кирилов.
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Почти целият екип на Аполония, който се грижи за Вас!
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Geri and Vesko
Veselin Nikolov is the bartender with the most experience in this position in Apollonia Restaurant. Capable to prepare a variety of delicious cocktails prepared in a different and attractive way. Exceptional ability to work in a team and dealing with spontaneous situations. The combination of these capabilities and knowledge of two foreign languages ??- English and Russian makes it indispensable in the company. Gergana Murdjeva the new Saloon Restaurant Manager of Apollonia. For Gerry can only say that perfectionism and professionalism is available to 100%
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Present to your attention the most experienced staff in the restaurant Apollonia. With extensive experience in the field of restaurant services, long service with the company and very well spoken Russian and English, this team is able to serve you in the best way!
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Iva and Biser
Iva Delivlaeva - Waiter. With almost two years experience in the holiday resorts of FPPM. Exceptional ability to adapt to any environment. Excellent knowledge of Russian and English. Biser Nedelev - Waiter. The newest addition to the summer in Santa Marina. Owns several months experience with the company, with great expertise in serving. Fluent in English.
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Marin and Denitza
Marin Stoyanov - Bartender. He has four years experience in the company. Attractive preparation and serving cocktails. Fluent in English and Russian. Denitsa Rankova - Waitress. Has one-year internship in the company. Very good relationship with customers. Ability to work as a team. Fluent in English.
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